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Since founding the Palo Alto Weekly more than 40 years ago, we have built a network of three printed weekly newspapers, seven hyperlocal news websites and six email newsletters that serve a population of more than 500,000 people on the MidPeninsula and the East Bay's Tri-Valley. We've developed deep trust in our communities through our balanced and fact-focused journalism and are recognized annually for the quality of our work – 37 California Journalism Awards in 2022.

Now as a non-profit, we rely on community support to continue our mission and to innovate and expand. There are so many promising areas for growth — reaching new readers across all demographics and building deeper relationships through coverage that makes a difference in people's daily lives. As a nonprofit, we are especially excited about the prospect of partnering with foundations and major donors to expand coverage on topics like education, underserved communities, immigrants, health and the environment.

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The values that lead us.
Centered on a deep commitment to serving our communities

  • Alert citizens of breaking news that makes people feel connected and informed on what's happening in their community
  • Publish in-depth and investigative reporting on complex issues that drive quality of life
  • Host public educational events
  • Rigorous coverage of city government, schools, police and the local institutions that shape people's everyday lives
  • Host public candidate forums and convene events around important issues to community
  • Promote local businesses within the community
  • Shine a light on local nonprofits and their programs
  • Raise more than $1M a year for Bay Area nonprofits serving the needs of children, families and the underprivileged
  • Host iconic events that build a sense of a shared community
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