Donor Transparency Policy

Embarcadero Media Foundation is committed to transparency in every aspect of our funding.

We receive financial support through a diversified business model that includes our member program, donations from individuals and foundations, corporate sponsorships, advertising and other revenue streams. We will make public all revenue sources and donors who give $5,000 or more per year.

While we value all who support our work, those who fund us do so with the understanding that we are beholden only to the public our journalism serves. We maintain a firewall between news coverage decisions and sources of revenue and do not allow supporters to influence our news coverage or use their contributions as leverage. Our editorial staff retains authority over the subjects we choose to cover and the manner in which we cover them.

Our organization may consider donations to support the coverage of particular topics, but we will maintain editorial control of the coverage. Funders have no right to review or influence editorial content, and any post-publishing distribution should note the coverage is journalism and not sponsored content.

Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their products, services or opinions.

Embarcadero Media is exempt from certain taxes because of its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, and may receive funds from standard government programs offered to nonprofits or similar businesses.

As a nonprofit news organization, we avoid accepting charitable donations from anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials or candidates seeking public office. We will not accept donations from sources who present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our independence.

We will accept anonymous donations for general support only if it is clear that sufficient safeguards have been put into place that the expenditure of that donation is made independently by our organization and in compliance with Institute for Nonprofit News' Membership Standards.

Acknowledgement: Embarcadero Media developed this donor transparency policy in accordance with standards developed by the Institute for Nonprofit News.